Who is it for?
My clothing line is for everyone who dares to be different, people who doesn’t want to blend in. My clothing line is for people who are tired of dressing like the person sitting next to you on the bus. Its for people who dont follow trends but rather desire to create their own personal peculiar style. Kinam is for the confident ,bold, flamboyant person who cares about their image because they understand that dressing is a direct reflection of who you are.
Quote: (not mine). Dressing is a way of saying who you are without having to say a word.

Who is Kinam?
Kinam is a mother of 3, stylist,makeup artist, wax print designer. My passion in life fashion, makeup, styling and working with youth helping identify their talent and gift , and helping them maximize their potential. Thats my mission in life this is my calling in life.

Inspiration & Roots
It was at the age of 14, the first time I saw a RnB video of P.Diddy and Missy Elliott, that I fell in love with fashion and make-up. I thought to myself that the person doing their make-up and styling has the best job in the entire world. My interest for styling and the desire to start my own clothing line were born that very moment.

I am from Ghana but I have lived in Norway my entire life. Therefore, finding clothes to wear that represent both the Ghanian and the Norwegian in me has been very important for me. When I started going to stores, however, I couldn’ t find anything that reflected who I am and I also felt like all the clothes looked alike. I told myself that if I can’ t buy clothes I like then I will make them. So, I did. Nevertheless, I didn’ t want to make clothes that everyone else was making, so I started thinking of ways in which I could make my clothes distinctive. That is when I rediscovered wax print

This is the story behind KINAM clothes that showcase both my roots and the country where I have lived my entire life.